How the Pandemic has Changed the Whole Music Learning Spectrum

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Music can change your mood and brighten your day. It is the lifeblood for many of us to stay positive. Music has a calming effect and reduces anxiety by 65%.

Music is a universal language that spans the gambit across nations, generations, and cultures. That is why even people who don’t want to pursue music as a career learn to play musical instruments.

The world is currently living through a pandemic. It has changed the way we go about our daily lives and it has changed the way that we learn music too.

How Has the Pandemic Affected Music Classes?

Due to COVID-19 many norms throughout the world have changed. Education systems have had to rethink their model of teaching and learning. In-person education was completely eradicated for a period of time.

This change has given virtual education a huge boost. Educators throughout the world are turning to the internet to reach their students. Virtually connecting with people has never been easier.

Virtual lessons have kept music alive. They have extended educational relationships into a new online spectrum. A less than traditional creative space to learn and share the joy of music.

What are Online Music Classes?

Boy with a clarinet plays music. Online music lesson concept

Online music classes are virtual, given over the internet, and are accessible from the comfort of your home. They follow the same format as in-person lessons. Teachers and students can communicate about instruments, skill sets, and practice.

Virtual music lessons are a great way for students and teachers to connect. Whether you are just starting lessons or have been a student for a while, your musical knowledge will increase with online learning.

Online classes offer students the chance to continue to polish their skills. It also affords a creative outlet during a troublesome time to keep you focused and improve school grades. Virtual music lessons build on the foundational elements of music education such as proper positioning, hand placement, breath control, tone, and rhythm.

Above all else, virtual music classes foster an opportunity to create and share. From novice players to professionals, virtual learning allows participants to feel the beat and fall in love with a melody from home.

Limitation of Online Music Education

Online Music Classes

Music is powerful and therefore does not have many virtual limitations. However, one drawback of online music lessons is the lack of ensemble classes.

Ensemble classes are more difficult to manage virtually. That’s because everything from jam bands to orchestras build off each individual’s musical sound. Internet speed and variations in quality of mics and speakers can make playing together as a group nearly impossible.

Additionally, virtual ensembles do not offer the same type of dynamic learning. In a classroom setting ensemble players can see what others are doing. They can watch group members and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. This allows for student’s musical skills to elevate with the help of their peers. But virtual ensemble classes are unable to offer these same benefits. Having more than one or two people in a virtual meeting at a time inhibits the ability to see these details.

During this pandemic, it is more important than ever that we retain our creative drive and think positive. Online music classes keep your skill sets sharp. They allow students to continue their musical education, communicate about weaknesses, build on strengths, and most importantly, to create music.

At B Natural Pianos and Music school, we offer virtual music lessons for the entire family. Our in-person classes have also resumed for those who feel comfortable. Contact us to enroll and get start today!

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