Hallet, Davis & Co. Boston

B Natural Pianos is proud to offer the full line of Hallet, Davis & Co – Boston pianos.

Beautiful and Satisfying Tone – Proper Touch and Response – Reliable and Consistent Performance

Top Tier Pianos in Every Way

Hallet, Davis pianos are top tier pianos in every way. German engineering designs, high quality action materials, 100% wool hammers and the precise, consistent touch of their finely tuned actions, make these pianos the choice of many teachers and professionals.

Their soundboard, the piano’s “speaker”, is made of close-grain, solid spruce, the same material used in the finest acoustic instruments in the world – from concert grand pianos to fine violins and classical guitars.

Tasteful Styling and High Quality Finish

Beyond being a professional musical instrument, your Hallet, Davis is a fine piece of furniture with tasteful styling, high quality finish, and long-term, dependable construction.

Hallet, Davis pianos offer you a choice of beautiful walnut or mahogany veneers, in satin or high luster, as well as traditional ebony polish.

Friends and family members will rave about the beauty of your new Hallet, Davis piano for years to come.

Hallet, Davis Signature Collection Grand Pianos

The Unparalleled Value of a Hallet, Davis Piano

Buying a piano is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so buying a good one today will pay off for years to come.

Thanks to piano manufacturing efficiencies in both labor and production processes, you can purchase a Hallet, Davis piano today for the same or less than you could have purchased a similar piano 10 to 20 ago.

In addition to the performance and beauty of these exquisite pianos, the unparalleled value of the Hallet, Davis piano is really what sets these pianos apart from all other pianos on the market today.

Hallet, Davis Professional Upright Pianos