Piano Refinishing

If you have a special piano that requires refinishing,

We have a team of experts capable of complete stripping and refinishing of your piano. In some instances, we may be able to refinish portions or sections of the piano. We also can provide touch-up services to remove scratches or other finish blemishes.

Piano refinishing is the process of restoring or enhancing the appearance of a piano’s exterior. It involves various techniques to strip the old finish, repair any damage or imperfections, and apply new finishes to the piano’s cabinet.

Refinishing can bring new life to an old or worn piano, transforming its aesthetic appeal.

General steps involved in piano refinishing:


The first step is to remove the existing finish from the piano’s cabinet. This can be done through methods such as chemical stripping or sanding, depending on the type of finish and the condition of the wood.


Any cosmetic damage or imperfections on the piano’s cabinet are addressed during this stage. This includes filling in scratches, dents, or gouges, repairing or replacing broken or loose veneer, and ensuring a smooth and even surface.


The wood surface is sanded to remove any remaining traces of the old finish and to achieve a smooth and uniform surface for the new finish to adhere to. Various grits of sandpaper are used to progressively refine the surface.

Staining (if desired)

If a different color or shade is desired, a stain can be applied to the wood to achieve the desired hue. This step is optional and may not be necessary if the natural color of the wood is desired.


A sealer or wood conditioner is applied to the wood to enhance its durability and to create a barrier between the wood and the topcoat.


Multiple coats of a topcoat or varnish are applied to the wood, building up a protective and attractive finish. Different types of finishes, such as lacquer, polyurethane, or shellac, can be used depending on personal preference and desired results.

Buffing and Polishing

Once the final coat has dried, the piano’s surface is buffed and polished to a smooth and lustrous finish, enhancing its appearance and giving it a professional sheen.

It’s important to note that refinishing is a cosmetic procedure and should not be confused with piano restoration, which involves comprehensive repairs and rebuilding of the piano’s structural and mechanical components.

Piano refinishing is a complex process that requires expertise, patience, and attention to detail. It is recommended to consult with a professional piano technician or a specialist in piano refinishing to ensure proper techniques are used to achieve the desired results.