Baldwin – America’s Favorite Piano

Over the past 150 years, Baldwin Pianos have become America’s Favorite Piano. Baldwin is the only American piano company to make and distribute quality pianos to all price ranges and aspects of the piano market.

Baldwin Upright and Grand Pianos

Baldwin pianos are available in six different grand piano sizes ranging from 4’ 11’ baby grands to their 6’ 11’ semi-concert grand.

Baldwin’s upright pianos are available in elegant designer furniture models and professional uprights with full scale designs rivaling the string length and soundboard size of artist grand pianos.

B Natural Pianos and our online partners,, carry the entire lineup of these legendary hand-crafted instruments.

Each Baldwin piano is designed and built with the highest quality material and workmanship available and is supported by a 10-year guarantee.

Baldwin Professional Series Grand Pianos

Baldwin grands are built from only world class materials. Their classic design and handcrafted features will last you a lifetime. Available in high polish or satin ebony, mahogany, and walnut.

Baldwin Professional Upright Pianos

The Baldwin line up of professional upright pianos are the finest quality instruments available today. The flagship of the product group is the Baldwin B252 Vertical Grand. Towering at 52” in height, this instrument boasts a comparable soundboard area and bass string length as their 6’ 3” artist grand piano.

This Baldwin concert vertical piano goes head-to-head with the Steinway K-52 upright at a fraction of the price. If you study the specs, you can favorably compare Baldwin’s B252 to the Yamaha U3, Yamaha YUS3, Yamaha YUS5, Kawai K-500, Kawai K-800 or Steinway K-52 professional upright pianos.

The difference is in Baldwin’s legendary scale design, state-of-the-art components and hand-crafted care that goes into every Baldwin professional upright piano. Once you play and compare the Baldwin vertical grand to all of the competition, you will see and hear the difference.

Baldwin Designer Series Upright Pianos

The Baldwin B342 Acrosonic designer console pianos are one of Baldwin’s most popular models. The classic design and features of these handcrafted instruments have placed them as best-in-class pianos since 1936.

The exclusive Baldwin scale design, solid spruce soundboard and other superior material specifications have made this piano the best choice for the American family for over 80 years.

Once you play a Baldwin Designer Console piano side by side with competitive brands, you’ll see the difference with the rich, powerful sound, excellent sustain, and dynamic latitude.

Baldwin 47” Classroom/Studio Piano

Since 1939, the Baldwin B243 Hamilton Studio has become the #1 selling piano of all time.

The quality of sound, unmatched tuning stability and consistent performance, year after year, have made these pianos the choice of 500,000 classrooms and teaching studios in more schools and institutional settings than any other piano in history.

Baldwin uses the same artisan quality and premium components throughout their impressive top-of-the-line professional pianos.




Baldwin pianos are still built by hand, one by one, by master artisans, allowing for more attention to detail and hand-crafted adjustments throughout the process.

This is rare in piano manufacturing today and can only be said of several other hand-crafted pianos.

Baldwin Professional Series pianos continue to set the industry standard for innovative design, classic styling and outstanding performance at an unbeatable price.

All new Baldwin’s have a 10-year parts & labor warranty and are built to withstand even the most rugged use for a lifetime of music and service.