Piano Repair

If You Need Your Piano Repaired

We will discuss your piano repair needs and can schedule a visit to evaluate the instrument and make recommendations.

Piano repair can range from simple adjustments and fixes to more complex repairs that require the expertise of a professional piano technician.

It is important to consult with a qualified technician who can assess the specific issues with your piano and provide appropriate repair solutions

Common types of piano repairs

Piano Key Repairs

This includes fixing stuck or sluggish keys, repairing or replacing broken or chipped keytops, aligning keys that are uneven, and ensuring proper key dip and level.

Action Repairs

The piano’s action mechanism, including the hammers, dampers, and related parts, may require repair. This can involve reattaching loose parts, replacing worn-out or broken components, and adjusting the action for proper alignment and responsiveness.

String Repairs

Repairing or replacing broken or damaged strings is a common repair task. This may involve replacing individual strings or sets of strings, ensuring proper tension, and addressing any issues with string seating or alignment.

Damper System Repairs

The damper system, responsible for stopping the vibration of the strings, may need repair. This can involve fixing or replacing worn-out or damaged damper felts, adjusting damper timing, and ensuring proper damper function.

Pedal Repairs

Repairing pedals typically involves addressing issues with pedal function and adjusting the pedal mechanism. This may include fixing loose or squeaky pedals, adjusting pedal height or sensitivity, and addressing any pedal linkage problems.

Piano Regulation

Piano regulation involves adjusting the various components of the piano, such as hammer alignment, key leveling, and key travel, to ensure even touch and responsiveness across the keyboard.


Voicing refers to adjusting the tonal quality of the piano. This may involve reshaping or needling the hammers to achieve the desired tone, addressing uneven or harsh sounds, and balancing the overall tone throughout the piano.
To discuss your piano repair needs and schedule a visit to evaluate the instrument to make recommendations.