Piano Restoration

Piano restoration is the process of revitalizing and refurbishing an old or worn-out piano to bring it back to its original or improved condition. Restoration can involve a range of tasks, from minor repairs and adjustments to extensive rebuilding and refinishing.

This is a complex and meticulous process that requires expertise and experience. We have many years of experience in repairing and restoring pianos with our team of highly qualified guild piano artisan technicians and restoration specialists.

If you are Considering Piano Restoration

We’ll evaluate your piano and provide detailed recommendations based on its specific needs and your objectives.

Key aspects of piano restoration:


A professional piano technician or restorer assesses the piano’s condition, including its structural integrity, mechanical components, and overall playability. They identify any issues and determine the appropriate restoration plan.

Structural Repairs

Structural repairs address problems with the piano’s body, soundboard, bridges, and other components. This may involve fixing cracks, replacing broken or damaged parts, or reinforcing weak areas to ensure stability and proper functioning.

Action Restoration

The piano’s action mechanism, including the keys, hammers, and related parts, may require restoration. This can involve cleaning, reconditioning, or replacing worn-out components, regulating the action for optimal performance, and achieving proper touch and responsiveness.

Soundboard and Strings

If necessary, we can repair or replace the piano’s soundboard. Soundboard repairs can involve re-gluing or replacing sections. Replacement will include a new soundboard custom made for your piano with reseated bridges and ribs.

If the strings are older, they may have to be replaced as well.  String work may include replacing worn or broken strings and ensuring proper tension and alignment and, in many instances, requires replacement of tuning pins.


Restoring the piano’s aesthetic appearance is often part of the process. This can involve stripping the old finish, repairing any cosmetic damage, applying new finishes, and refinishing the cabinet to enhance its beauty.

Regulation and Voicing

After the main restoration work is complete, the piano is regulated to ensure that all components work together harmoniously. Voicing adjusts the tonal quality, balancing the sound and achieving the desired characteristics.
The extent and cost of restoration will vary depending on the piano’s condition, age, and the desired level of restoration.
We’ll evaluate your piano and provide detailed recommendations based on its specific needs and your objectives.