5 Reasons To Enroll Your Kids in Summer Music Lessons

A young girl playing a guitar on a forest trail

Summer vacation offers kids a welcome break from school. They look forward to less structured days and fun activities.

Parents want their kids to enjoy their summer—but not spend countless hours playing video games or checking social media.

Getting your child involved in summer music lessons combines your kid’s summer wishes with your desire to help them expand their horizons in a fun and constructive way.

Here are 5 reasons to enroll your kids in summer music lessons.

Kids Have Lots of Free Time

In the summer, kids have lots, and often too much time on their hands.

A boy looking out his home’s window looking bored

The first few days of summer vacation are always fun. Kids don’t have to get up early in the morning or do homework at night. But after a short while, kids become bored.

It’s not that they miss school—they’re just looking for something fun to hold their attention.

If your child has ever shown an interest in music—whether just listening to it or actively talking about playing an instrument—the summer is a great time for them to learn to play a musical instrument.

If your child loves to sing around the house, voice lessons may better fit the bill.

Has your child quietly expressed they want to try out for next year’s school musical, but seem to lack the confidence?

If so, this summer is the best time for your kid to have music or voice lessons. They’ll have lots of time to take lessons, practice, and develop their musical skills before tryouts when school starts.

If your child already plays an instrument, summer is a great time to further build on their musical skills. And don’t be surprised if they are eager to try to learn to play a second instrument.

Many musicians play several instruments or like to accompany themselves as they sing. You can always rent an instrument from B Natural Pianos & Music Lessons during this trial period.

Here’s information about the best age for your child to start piano lessons.

Schedules are Much More Flexible

Maybe your child has been expressing an interest in music, but they always have a crammed schedule with school-related activities. Their routines leave them over-extended with little downtime. (Downtime is important for kids too!)

However, most structured activities go away in the summer. Kids’ schedules have the flexibility to accommodate new things. In the summer, kids can try out different activities, feeling no pressure from an already overwhelming schedule.

They can relax, unwind, and experience the genuine joy of learning a musical instrument.

If your child already plays an instrument, taking summer lessons will help improve and keep their skills fresh.

In fact, their talent may grow by leaps and bounds when they have lots of time to grow their skill with a welcoming and relaxed mindset.

Summer is the time for kids to explore new activities outside of their comfort zone. Summer music lessons can develop new talents and interests.

And this is much more likely to occur when budding musicians can enjoy lessons and practice without fearing that they are taking time away from other activities on their schedule.

Kids Have Lots of Energy

Two girls running outside in the park on a summer day

Hours of sunshine fill the long days of summer.

Sunlight helps boost the serotonin in the brain. This chemical gives people more energy, improves mood, helps with focus, and even improves sleep.  

Combining increased energy and mood with more flexible schedules makes the summer an ideal time for kids to take on a new project such as learning a musical instrument.

Not only will they feel more excited about learning to play an instrument, they’ll also get more enjoyment from practicing. This will make them want to practice even more!

More Opportunities to Make New Friends Now and In the Fall

Having a musical skill, whether playing an instrument or singing, opens the door to making new friends with similar interests.

Four young kids performing as a musical band in front of a garage for a couple adults

Kids enjoy making music together. Some kids may want to form a band and play for an audience. Others may simply have fun playing a song on the piano together.

Two young girls sitting together at a piano

Read about how to prepare your child for their first music lesson.

Once the school year starts, kids with musical skills will naturally bond together by joining the school orchestra, band, or choir.

And, after summer lessons, your child will feel more confident about trying out for these groups or local musical productions.

In fact, your child will gain more confidence simply by learning a new skill. Their increased self-esteem, derived from their new accomplishment, will help them feel more relaxed in school and other social situations. Meeting new friends will become more comfortable and easier.

Find out how music lessons help reduce anxiety.

Musical Skills Translate into Improved School Grades

Time.com reported that, “Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop a ‘neurophysiological distinction’ between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids.”

The article also reported, “. . . it is only through the active generation and manipulation of sound that music can rewire the brain.”

In other words, making music is more beneficial for improved learning than simply listening to music. If you are interested in signing up your child or yourself for private music lessons, contact us at B Natural Pianos & Music School.  Our certified music teachers offer lessons on just about every musical instrument including: piano, guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, harp, trumpet, voice, and many more!

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