You are Never Too Busy (or Old) to Learn an Instrument

Learn an Instrument

Do you ever wish you had learned how to play an instrument as a kid? Maybe you watch a friend play the guitar and wonder what the fine and rigged strings feel like under your fingers while strumming a melody? Or maybe you sit down at your family member’s piano and wonder what it would be like to create beautiful symphonies with just your fingers.

I know what you are thinking, “when do I have the time to learn an instrument as an adult?” But here is some good news: it does not have to be that way. With these simple tips and tricks, you can learn an instrument even with a packed schedule.

Choosing an Instrument as an Adult

The first thing on the agenda is choosing your instrument!

For the busy, on-the-go adult, some of the best instrument options are:

• Guitar
• Piano
• Ukulele
• Violin

These instruments are all quite common, which means more access to learning online! They are also easy to carry (aside from the piano) so do not be afraid to bring out the suitcases and travel with your new hobby.

Tips for Learning a New Instrument

Tips for Learning a New Instrument

Now that you have chosen your instrument, follow these tips and tricks to amplify your learning experience.

• Set Realistic Goals – do not set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Your busy lifestyle will often only allow “micro-lessons”. Set aside 15 minutes every day to practice. Research has shown that we learn better in increments of 15 minutes!

• Make Good Use of Your Time – I know most of us want to spend our free time bundled up on the couch with our latest Netflix binge. But next time try to swap out an episode with a quick online learning video instead. Or turn your lunch break into a micro-lesson and follow along with a YouTube video on your phone.

• Take a Class – Although you can find thousands of great videos online, taking a class gives you an advantage of a one-on-one experience. Local music schools and stores are a great place to look for affordable lessons.

• Enlist the Help of your Peers – Create accountability for yourself by playing and practicing with a friend. Even if they play a different instrument, playing together will be beneficial and fun. If your friends are not interested no need to worry, social media has a treasure trove of groups to connect with. Join a few and find people to connect and learn with.

• Be Patient – Rome was not built in a day and Beethoven did not become a master overnight. Be patient with your progress. Learning an instrument can be fun, but it takes discipline and hard work. Give yourself time to get comfortable with your instrument before expecting progress.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Still on the fence? Apprehension is normal when it comes to change. But, learning something new can be thrilling and music offers a variety of benefits at any age.

• It Builds Confidence – There is nothing like that euphoric feeling when you reach a goal. Setting up a realistic plan will help you feel a sense of accomplishment often.

Start creating goals for exactly where you are right now. If you have not decided on an instrument, go to a music store to try out their selection. If you have been thinking about playing the guitar, ask a friend who plays about how they started.

• Helps Improve Memory – Learning an instrument trains your brain in new ways and strengthens your memory skills. Music engages areas of the brain that involve paying attention, making predictions, and updating events in our memory.

• Reduces Stress – If you are an adult with a heartbeat there is a good chance you have stress. Listening to music is proven to reduce stress, even more so when you are listening to your own instrument. After a long day at work, using your hands and following a melody or beat can clear your mind and put it at ease. Music is a creative and fulfilling activity that helps you relax and enjoy life.

Learning an instrument at any age can seem intimidating or overwhelming. But considering the benefits, you will gain a lot from trying to play. Start your journey with the right goals, practice, and NJ’s best music lesson program!

Ready to get started? We offer virtual and in-person music lessons for your convenience. Contact us to get started today.

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