Yamaha MX100 MkII Disklavier Professional Upright

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Model MX100 II (U-1)


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This is Yamaha’s 48″ professional upright with a disc player piano built in.The fully integrated Disklavier system offers many features including song recording, editing, and the ability to play disks for your listening enjoyment. Hand-built in Japan, the piano in excellent condtion with rich tone and excellent dynamic range.

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The Yamaha MX100 MkII Disklavier is a professional upright piano that incorporates the Disklavier technology. Disklavier is a unique feature developed by Yamaha that allows the piano to record and play back performances with remarkable accuracy.

The MX100 MkII Disklavier offers a wide range of advanced features and capabilities. Here are some key details about this instrument:

Design: The MX100 MkII is an upright piano, which means it has a vertical design rather than a grand piano’s horizontal layout. It is built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring excellent sound and durability.

Disklavier Technology: The Disklavier system in the MX100 MkII enables the piano to record, playback, and reproduce performances automatically. It captures not only the notes played but also the nuances of expression, including dynamics and pedal movements. This technology allows for various creative possibilities, such as recording and analyzing your playing or enjoying pre-recorded performances by renowned pianists.

Connectivity and Integration: The MX100 MkII Disklavier can be connected to various devices and systems. It has MIDI compatibility, enabling communication with computers, synthesizers, and other MIDI-enabled devices. This connectivity expands the piano’s functionality and allows for integration with music production software and educational applications.

Advanced Piano Features: The MX100 MkII offers a range of features to enhance the playing experience. It includes a high-quality piano sound engine that faithfully reproduces the rich and expressive tone of an acoustic piano. The keyboard is touch-sensitive, providing a responsive playing experience that reflects the player’s dynamics.

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