Yamaha Digital Grand Piano

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Model N3


Ebony & Rosewood Polish

Feel and experience a piano sound that you have never had before from this stunning and elegant instrument With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. This is their flagship model… the ultimate expression of “”Innovation with soul.” A keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of a grand piano. Stunningly authentic tactile response. Speakers with the authority and presence to deliver flawless sound… The AvantGrand N3 weaves advanced technology into an extraordinary design that gives form to Yamaha’s aspirations for the future. This is a certified preowned Yamaha Digital Piano.

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This is a certified preowned Yamaha Digital Piano. The Yamaha N3 is a digital grand piano model produced by Yamaha. Unlike acoustic grand pianos, the N3 is a digital instrument that uses advanced technology to replicate the sound and touch of a traditional grand piano. Here are some specifications and features of the Yamaha N3 Digital Grand Piano:

Keyboard: The N3 features a full-sized keyboard with 88 keys. The keys are weighted and have an ivory-like surface to provide a realistic touch and feel.

Sound: The N3 is equipped with Yamaha’s sampled grand piano sound technology, which accurately reproduces the sound of a concert grand piano. It offers a wide range of expressive and dynamic tones.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM): The N3 incorporates Virtual Resonance Modeling, which simulates the complex interaction of strings, soundboard, and other acoustic elements found in an acoustic grand piano. This technology enhances the realism and depth of the sound produced by the instrument.

Amplification and Speakers: The N3 has a built-in amplification system that delivers the sound through a set of high-quality speakers. These speakers are strategically placed to create an immersive sound experience.

Connectivity: The N3 offers various connectivity options, including MIDI connectivity, USB ports for connecting to external devices, and audio outputs for connecting to audio systems or headphones.

Recording and Playback: The instrument allows you to record and play back your performances, allowing for practice sessions, evaluation, and composition.

Touch and Sensitivity: The N3 provides adjustable touch sensitivity to suit individual preferences. It can also simulate the touch response of different grand piano models, allowing you to customize your playing experience.

Display and Controls: The N3 features an easy-to-use control panel and a digital display that provides access to various settings and functions of the instrument.

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