Yamaha 6′ 3″ Handmade Artist Grand Piano

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Model S-4


Ebony Polish

The Yamaha S4 Grand Piano is a 6′ 3″ grand piano that is he pinnacle of craftsmanship in a world class acoustic instrument. This is a handmade, professional model, featuring a solid spruce soundboard, heavy-duty action and precision-crafted German Renner hammers. The piano has a rich, full sound that is well-suited for a variety of musical styles.

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The Yamaha S-4 is a 6′ 3″ handmade artist grand piano that was first introduced in the early 1980s. It is considered to be one of Yamaha’s most prestigious pianos and is known for its high-quality sound and craftsmanship.The S-4 is made from the finest materials, including a solid spruce soundboard and high-quality hammers, strings, and keys. It has a rich and warm tone that is highly expressive and responsive, making it a popular choice for concert halls, recording studios, and professional pianists.In addition to its exceptional sound quality, the S-4 also features a beautiful and elegant design. Its sleek, polished ebony finish and classic styling make it a stunning centerpiece in any room. The piano is also highly durable and reliable, thanks to Yamaha’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.Overall, the Yamaha S-4 is an exceptional instrument that represents the pinnacle of Yamaha’s grand piano line. Its combination of beauty, craftsmanship, and performance make it an ideal choice for serious pianists and discerning music lovers alike.

Here are the specifications for the Yamaha S-4 6’3″ handmade artist grand piano:

  • Length: 6′ 3″ (191 cm)
  • Width: 5′ 1″ (156 cm)
  • Height: 3′ 4″ (102 cm)
  • Weight: 772 lbs (350 kg)
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Action: Yamaha’s advanced balanced action
  • Soundboard: Solid spruce
  • Bridges: Vertically laminated maple
  • Strings: High-tensile steel wire
  • Pinblock: Hard rock maple
  • Pedals: Soft, sustain, and sostenuto
  • Finish: Polished ebony
  • Bench: Matching adjustable artist bench
  • The Yamaha S-4 is a high-end grand piano that is designed to offer exceptional performance and sound quality. It features premium materials and craftsmanship, as well as advanced technologies, to provide the ultimate piano-playing experience for professionals and serious pianists.

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