Story & Clark Nickelodeon Player Piano

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Oak Satin

Handmade in the USA, this Nickelodeon player piano is a wonder to hear, see and play. It includes a disk player system, drums, percussion instruments and even a glockenspiel to enchance your favorite old-time piano favorites!! …great fun for the entire family and a perfect complement to any party or entertainment setting. The finish is a beautiful heritage oak with leaded glass inserts on both the top and bottom panels, so you can see all the action! The piano includes a 5-year guarantee ont eh piano and a 2-year guarantee on the player. It comes with a matching bench.

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The Story & Clark Nickelodeon Player Piano is a unique and fascinating instrument that combines the traditional charm of a piano with the fun and entertainment of a player piano. This instrument allows you to play piano manually or with the help of the built-in disc player mechanism.

The Nickelodeon Player Piano has a full 88-key keyboard and features a responsive action that allows for expressive playing and precise control over dynamics. The piano also has a solid spruce soundboard and high-quality hammers, which work together to produce a rich, resonant tone.

In terms of design, the Story & Clark Nickelodeon Player Piano has a classic and elegant appearance, with a Heritage Oak finish and decorative details such as leaded glass panels, brass pedals and hardware.

Overall, the Story & Clark Nickelodeon Player Piano is a fascinating and enjoyable instrument that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for both players and listeners. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience the traditional charm of a piano along with the added fun of a player mechanism.

5 Year Guarantee on Piano – 2 Year Guarantee on Player