Steinway 5′ 7″ Baby Grand Piano

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Model M



The Steinway M is a legendary artist grand measuring 5′ 7″ from the front rail to the back of the piano. This piano is an excellent example, fully reconditioned for years of enjoyment and musical expression. The instrument is a fine hand-crafted American piano, the gold-standard of excellence in piano manufacturing and musical expression.

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The Steinway & Sons Model M is a 5’7″ baby grand piano that has been a popular choice among professional pianists and piano enthusiasts for over a century. This piano model is known for its excellent balance between size and sound quality, making it ideal for smaller performance spaces, recording studios, and private homes.Steinway & Sons is a high-end piano manufacturer based in New York City, known for producing some of the finest pianos in the world. Their pianos are handcrafted using only the finest materials and are known for their exceptional sound quality, responsive touch, and durability.The Model M is one of Steinway’s most popular baby grand pianos, measuring 5’7″ in length. It was first introduced in 1911 and has undergone several design changes over the years, including changes to the strings, hammers, and other internal components. Today, the Model M is still produced in Steinway’s New York factory, using many of the same techniques and materials as the original.One of the key features of the Model M is its rich, warm tone, which is made possible by the piano’s unique soundboard design and high-quality materials. The piano’s soundboard is made from solid spruce, which is known for its exceptional resonance and responsiveness. The hammers are made from the finest wool and are carefully shaped and voiced by hand to produce the perfect tone.Overall, the Steinway & Sons Model M is an excellent choice for pianists who are looking for a high-quality baby grand piano that offers a perfect balance between size and sound quality. Its exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful design, and rich tone make it a true masterpiece of the piano-making art.The Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano is a high-end instrument that is widely regarded as one of the finest pianos in the world. Here are some of its specifications:Length: 5’7″ (170 cm)Width: 57.75″ (147 cm)Height: 39″ (99 cm)Weight: 550 lbs (249 kg)Number of keys: 88Key material: SpruceAction: Accelerated actionSoundboard material: Solid spruceBridges: Hard rock mapleStrings: Röslau wirePinblock: 17-ply laminated mapleTuning pins: Nickel-platedPedals: Soft, sustain, and sostenutoFinish: Walnut SatinThe Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano is known for its balanced and warm tone, as well as its responsive touch and excellent dynamic range. It is a popular choice for both solo performance and chamber music, and is often found in recording studios and concert halls around the world.

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