Kawai 5′ 1″ Player Grand Piano

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Model GE-1


Walnut Polish

This beautiful Polished Walnut 5’1″ player grand piano fills the room with rich, full tone and a gorgeous sustain.This insturment features a QRS PIanomation III player system for great piano peformances in you home. The Kawai piano offers the player a wonderful experience at the keyboard with a responsive touch beautiful tone.

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The Kawai GE-1 is a 5’1″ grand piano that is part of Kawai’s GE Series. This model was manufactured in Japan and was introduced in the early 1980s. The GE Series was designed to provide the sound and performance of a larger grand piano, but in a smaller size that would fit in smaller spaces.The GE-1 features Kawai’s exclusive Millennium III Action, which is made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material that is both stronger and lighter than traditional wooden actions. This results in a more responsive and durable action that is less prone to warping or cracking over time. The GE-1 also features Kawai’s Dual-Duplex Scaling, which is a unique design that enhances the piano’s tonal complexity and sustain.Overall, the Kawai GE-1 is a high-quality instrument that is suitable for both professional and home use. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces, while its advanced features ensure that it provides a rich and full sound. However, as with any piano, the sound and performance will depend on factors such as the condition of the instrument, the quality of its maintenance, and the skill of the pianist.The Kawai GE-1 is a grand piano model that measures 5 feet 1 inch (157 cm) in length, making it a baby grand piano. Here are its specifications:


Length: 5’1″ (157 cm)
Width: 59″ (149 cm)
Height: 40″ (102 cm)
Weight: 616 lbs (280 kg)

88 keys
Solid spruce soundboard
3 pedals (sostenuto, soft, and sustain)

Kawai’s exclusive Millennium III Action with ABS-Carbon
Full Duplex Scale (FDS)
Mahogany hammers with underfelt

Polished Ebony
Also available in other finishes, including Polished Snow White, Polished Mahogany, and Polished American Walnut
Additional features:

Neotex key surfaces
Slow-close fallboard
Adjustable artist bench (optional)
The GE-1 is designed for professional and serious amateur pianists who want a high-quality instrument with a smaller footprint than a full-size grand piano. Its advanced action, high-quality soundboard, and solid construction make it a popular choice among pianists looking for a small grand piano with a big sound.

8 Year Guarantee – on Piano / 2 Year Guarantee on the Player System