Kawai 5′ 1″ Baby Grand Piano

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Model KG-1D


Ebony Polish

The Kawai KG-1D is a 5′ 1″ baby grand piano. It is an affordable instrument that is perfect for beginner pianists and those looking for a smaller piano to fit their space. It features a full-length, 88-key keyboard and a powerful, responsive soundboard and include new bass strings. The Kawai KG-1D is a great choice for those looking for a quality, affordable baby grand piano.

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The Kawai KG-1D is a baby grand piano model produced by Kawai, a Japanese piano manufacturer known for producing high-quality instruments.The KG-1D model has a length of 5’1″ (156cm), making it a relatively small grand piano that is well-suited for homes, studios, and smaller performance spaces. It has a responsive touch and a bright, clear tone, thanks to its solid spruce soundboard and high-quality hammers.Some other features of the Kawai KG-1D include:Three pedals: sustain, una corda, and sostenuto.A sturdy, reinforced keyframe to ensure stability and durability.Finish: ebony polishOverall, the Kawai KG-1D is a well-regarded baby grand piano model that is often favored by pianists who value high-quality sound and responsive touch in a compact size.Here are the specifications for the Kawai KG-1D baby grand piano:Dimensions: 5’1″ (156 cm) in length, 38.5″ (98 cm) in height, and 59″ (150 cm) in widthWeight: 594 lbs (269 kg)Number of keys: 88Action: Kawai Ultra-Responsive Action with reinforced keyframeSoundboard: Solid spruceBridges: Hard rock mapleHammers: Kawai’s exclusive double-felted mahogany core hammersStrings: Made in Japan, German Roslau wirePinblock: Laminated hardwoodPedals: Soft, sostenuto, and sustain
Finishe: Ebony PolishThe Kawai KG-1D is a high-quality, well-regarded baby grand piano model that is suitable for homes, studios, and small performance spaces. Its solid spruce soundboard, responsive action, and clear tone make it a popular choice for pianists who demand excellence in their instruments.

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