Benefits & Guidelines of Buying a Used Piano

Benefits & Guidelines of Buying a Used Piano


Deciding to buy a piano is an exciting time for everyone. But a piano is often a pricey asset. For that reason, many people chose to purchase a used piano.

If you’re considering buying a used piano use this blog as your trusted guide.

We’ll cover the top benefits of used pianos as well as a helpful checklist to take when you’re shopping.

Benefits of Buying Used


Simply put, purchasing a used piano will save you money. Often, you’ll end up paying a fraction of what a new piano costs for a used one instead.

Most people think they have to sacrifice well-known brand names for a used piano. However, piano retailers sell many used brand-name pianos. Some pre-owned pianos can also be rebuilt and detailed to closely match the look of a new piano.


One of the main reasons people choose new pianos is because of the warranty that comes attached. People often think they cannot receive warranties for their used pianos. This is where choosing a trusted seller comes into play.

Some music stores that sell used pianos offer warranties for their customers. The warranty will not be under the manufacturer, as a new piano, but you’ll still be covered.

A warranty gives you confidence that you’re purchasing a high-quality piano, even if it’s used. Ask your retailer about the length of warranty they offer and what it includes.



Less Value Depreciation

Just like cars, new pianos depreciate in value the older they get. Used pianos, however, don’t depreciate in value as new pianos do.

Used pianos have already been ‘driven off the lot’ and therefore don’t have the “newness” price tag attached. This may sound like a negative aspect, but it’s actually a good thing!

When you purchase a used piano, it won’t depreciate in value if well cared for. This is also a great bonus if you wish to sell your piano at some point to upgrade.

Larger Choice of Styles & Finishes

Pianos were invented in 1709. Since then, there have been a lot of styles and finishes. From the grand piano to the upright, there are a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stains and wood colors have also changed greatly. From rustic wood finishes to glossy white, you can find a piano that will fit with the decor of your home.

New piano models often have a very modern look. So if you’re looking for more of a vintage feel, used pianos may be best.

new pianos

Unique Sounds

Did you know that used pianos often have a different sound than new pianos? In fact, there are many pianists who prefer to play on older pianos due to their unique qualities.

What Should You Look for in a Used Piano?

If this is your first time shopping for a piano, new or used, it’s important to know how to choose your piano.

But not to worry, we’ve added a helpful checklist that’ll get you on track to finding the perfect piano for you.



Piano Shopper’s Checklist
· Does the piano need refinishing? If so, this can drive up the price.
· Do all the keys play?
· Do any of the keys appear to move more than they should?
· Do all the hammers loop at the same time when the soft pedal is played?
· Do the dampers work as they should?
· Are there any missing or broken parts in the cabinet of the piano?
· Are there any signs of moisture damage?
· Does the veneer appear loose?
· Does the piano come with a matching bench?
· Is the piano in tune? Does it come with a free tuning upon delivery?
· Are any of the tuning pins loose?
· Do the tuning pins appear uniform?
· Were any chemicals applied to the pin block?
· Are there any cracks or signs of damage?
· Do the strings appear rusty?
· Are there any strings that are missing?
· Do the bass notes have a clear, rich sound?
· Do the bridges have any cracks?
· Is the soundboard still in excellent condition for all keys?
· Are there any hinges missing from the lid?
· Are there any cracked hinges?
· How many people have owned the piano?
· Where has the piano spent most of its life?
· Do you have access to the piano serial number?
· Does it come with a warranty?

If you get the answers to these questions, you should end up with an exceptional used piano at a great price.

Going to a proper music store will give you an advantage in finding an ideal used piano. Professionals at a local store can help answer all your questions and work with you to find the right price.

Music stores can also offer more services you won’t be able to get from a private seller. Read on to see what they can offer you and your used piano.

Purchase a Used Piano from B Natural Pianos


Purchase a Used Piano from B Natural Pianos

At B Natural Pianos, we carry some of the biggest names in the piano world. American piano makers like Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, William Knabe, Chickering, Sohmer, and Baldwin are often restored and resold in our warehouse.

We also have a certified used piano program that includes some of the top brands. You can purchase a certified, used Yamaha, Kawai, Kimball, Baldwin Professional, Baldwin Acrosonic, Hamilton, Harman Peck, Otto Altenburg, J. Strauss & Son, and Samick pianos, along with many more.

Benefits of Purchasing Through B Natural Pianos:

· High-quality instruments that are tested, tuned, and well-cared for.
· Prices that are guaranteed to fit within your budget.
· Full warranty as a sign of confidence in our instruments
· Countless piano options that place you in control of the style of piano you purchase.
· 10 year trade-up policy with 100% of the original purchase price used as a trade-in credit.

We Offer Free Services Too

· Free Financing for Up to 1 Year
· Free Matching Bench
· Free In-Home Tuning
· Free 10 Year Full Trade-Up
· Free Lessons with New Purchases

At B Natural Pianos, we carry certified used pianos in every price range, with prices as low as $695. Our inventory is always changing so please visit the store to see our full selection of pianos. For more on our services and inventory, please contact us today.

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