5 Reasons To Enroll Your Kids in Summer Music Lessons

A young girl playing a guitar on a forest trail

Summer vacation offers kids a welcome break from school. They look forward to less structured days and fun activities. Parents want their kids to enjoy their summer—but not spend countless hours playing video games or checking social media. Getting your child involved in summer music lessons combines your kid’s summer wishes with your desire to […]

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Your Guitar

Close-up of eight guitars on display

Whether you play your guitar daily, or like to see it on display, it’s important to keep your guitar clean so it will sound and look its best. Here we explain how guitars get dirty and 5 tips for cleaning and polishing your guitar. How Guitars Get Dirty The beautiful music guitars make requires a […]

Music and Dementia—Can Music Improve Your Memory?

A smiling older man is sitting at a piano

Music can evoke fond memories, first loves, and other nostalgic feelings. Many people enjoy listening to music because it lightens their mood or reminds them of happy times from their past.  You may wonder why music is so closely linked to memory? And can music improve your memory? Using Music to Help Patients with Dementia […]

Can Music Lessons Help with Anxiety?

A man and woman playing the piano together.

Some benefits of music lessons are obvious: you learn a new skill that you can enjoy alone or share with others. But are you wondering, can music lessons help with anxiety? The answer is a resounding “yes” whether you are a child or an adult. The National Institutes of Health Reports Music Lessons Reduce Anxiety […]

What Is the Best Age for My Child to Begin Piano Lessons?

A young piano student practicing piano before her piano lesson

Are there benefits children receive from piano lessons? Without a doubt! They range from improved concentration and memory skills to better self-confidence and hand-eye coordination. And children learn a skill that brings joy to themselves and others! The logical next question is, when is the best age for my child to begin piano lessons? The […]

Claude Debussy: Life in Compositions

  Beautiful symphonies, creative and wild scales and a notorious love life are just a few aspects of Claude Debussy’s life. This article covers the life, death and legacy French composer Claude Debussy left behind. Early Life Achille-Claude Debussy was born on August 22, 1862, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. He was the oldest of five children, […]

Benefits & Guidelines of Buying a Used Piano

Benefits & Guidelines of Buying a Used Piano

  Deciding to buy a piano is an exciting time for everyone. But a piano is often a pricey asset. For that reason, many people chose to purchase a used piano. If you’re considering buying a used piano use this blog as your trusted guide. We’ll cover the top benefits of used pianos as well […]

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids with Music


  For some parents, screen time is a constant battle with their little ones. Getting your kids to put down technology can be easier said than done. It’s often hard to find fun activities for kids that are as engaging as screen time. But luckily, there’s a power among us that can help you combat […]

How Does Music Affect the Brain: Listening vs Playing

How Does Music Affect the Brain Listening vs Playing

  In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the power of music for our brains. Whether you’re an active musician or a regular music-lover, we’ve got you covered. The list of music’s benefits will have you putting in your headphones and turning the volume all the way up. Or it may […]

Bass vs. Guitar: Which Is Best for You

Bass vs. Guitar

  The biggest decision for any aspiring musician is which instrument to choose. If you’re stuck between the bass and the guitar, consider this article your trusted guide for help. You’ll want to choose an instrument that pairs best with your style. To do this, you must understand each instrument’s unique sound and role. Let’s […]